Carl McKay – Partner / Marketing

From Saskatchewan and an entrepreneurial family, Carl got his two partners to come to the table to form MSZ Restoration and Contracting.  Growing up on a farm he found intrigue in fixing and cleaning up things.  His passion to tinker took him also down a technical path in broadcasting and film.  Becoming a visual effects artist and editor in Los Angeles.  Working on TV shows like Friends, Bay Watch, NFL on FOX (Winning a Sports Emmy) amongst a long list of works including movie campaigns for projects such as TRON: Legacy, Life of Pi, Marvel Studios (Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, to name a few).

His interest in remediation work and contracting came from seeing emergency and disasters in California first hand.  Having witnessed price gouging and a lack of integrity when it came to craftsmanship was of concern having been down that path and wanting to make it more comforting to a potential client.  That and an opportunity to set up a business with family and friends made it a more personal journey to make a client feel confident with our workmanship in their time of need.

“I was trying to find something that sparked my interest”, says McKay.  So that in a nutshell is how MSZ came to existence.  Forming it with Brother-in-law, James Scharfl and long time family friend, James Zolkavich.

Our position about this type of business is that we are in clean up and disaster services. We need to be there for people in some of their darkest times and give them the comfort, calm and ability to know they are going to be okay. They will be taken care of, we are coming to help. We have to get up and look at ourselves in the mirror each day and know that we did our best yesterday and will do so today and down the road.