What You Can’t See is Costing You Money

Infrared cameras are a tool used by inspectors and energy auditors for the detection of water and air leaks. They sense and translate the radiation from objects into thermal images. These images give the operator a glimpse into the temperature differences inside the wall cavity. Moisture in walls can be the result of a plumbing, roof or wall system failure. Repairing these systems before mold and wood rot take hold is key to maintaining a safe home.

When hidden leaks go undetected, the problem threatens property values, your utility costs increase, and repairs become more costly.

With infrared leak detection, we can quickly identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye – eliminating destructive probing methods. Our infrared inspection will identify not only hidden water leaks, but also energy leaks, electrical “hot spots” and even detect unseen pests that have made a home in yours.

  • Detect water leaks and their origin – walls, flooring, roof.
  • Detect plumbing issues – blockages.
  • Detect electrical “hot spots” which cause potential fire hazards.
  • Detect pest and rodent nests.
  • Detect moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters.
  • Check energy efficiency – for heating and cooling loss through windows, walls and insulation.

We capture and document into reports, providing visible proof that is needed for repair verification and insurance purposes.

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