Flood & Water Damage Restoration FAQ

Top 10 Questions About Water Damage Restoration

Flood & Water Damage Restoration FAQ Since the 2013 Calgary floods, we have encountered many customers that had questions about flood and water damage restoration. Listed below are the top 10 questions we have been asked by residents of Calgary and surrounding areas. 1. What is water damage restoration? This is a service performed by…

How Reliable Is Your Home Inspection: Thinking of buying a home? This article cites a court case explaining why you should also invest into a mold inspection to save yourself from future headaches.

How Reliable Is Your Home Inspection?

Why A Mold Inspection Is Important! A legal case illustrates the potential problems that can occur if you hire a home inspector that is not experienced in explaining the problems that moisture issues can cause. In this case, the inspector did not find any visible mold, leaks or any visible signs of moisture. The buyer…

Calgary Mold Removal Cost

Mold Removal Cost

Calgary Mold Removal Cost The Calgary floods caused significant damage to homes and businesses. With water, you have mold and unless your property was completely dried out before any rebuild, there may still be moisture concerns that will lead to mold. The purpose of this article is to answer these three questions for Calgary residents…

25 Questions For Your Mold Remediation Professional: If you require mold remediation services, here are 25 questions you should ask. You should get YES answers for the first 10!

25 Questions For Your Mold Remediation Professional

25 Questions To Ask Your Mold Remediation Professional By Sanjay Gupta, Marketing Director of Wonder Makers Environmental. This article was originally published on May 8th This week we published two articles that discussed the issue of conflict of interest and why consumers seem to be confused about post mold remediation procedures. The goal of Wonder…

This article explains why mold growth is prevalent in the spring, what you need to look for, and tips to minimize mold!

The Importance of Spring Mold Inspection

Why You Need To Have a Spring Mold Inspection! We can’t stress enough the importance of inspecting your house on a regular basis. Many people live in an unhealthy environment without even knowing they’re endangering not only themselves, but their pets and kids as well. (Robert Bollinger, President of Budget Waterproofing) According to the U.S.…

How Does Mold Get Indoors?: Mold is everywhere, this article explains how it gets in your home.

How Does Mold Get Indoors?

Mold Is Everywhere, Here Is How It Gets In Your Home Most if not all of mold found indoors comes from the outdoors. Mold spores may enter buildings and houses through open doorways, windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Spores in the air outside also attach themselves to people (clothing), animals, shoes, bags and…